Constance Puyt is an independent fashion designer. After her studies 'Architectural / Monumental Design' and 'Fashion Design' at Artez in Arnhem and 'Fashion Design' at the Art Academy in Utrecht, she lived in Greece for 20 years. There she worked as an independent fashion designer in retail and a fashion studio specializing in 'haute couture', dancewear and theater costumes. Back in the Netherlands she carries out her passion by designing and making versatile clothing. Clothing in which women feel good and confident, in order to find and radiate the best version of themselves.

Sleek + Proud is a clothing label for women and is located in Arnhem. Constance Puyt designs and creates small-scale productions all year round. The clothing is conceptual, versatile and transformable. So you can make many outfits and unique combinations with little clothing. The inspiration comes from heroic women, architecture, nature, origami and geometry. This is reflected in the sewing techniques, the processed fabrics and the fit. The style is casual chic, subtly futuristic and authentically sophisticated. The clothing is comfortable, timeless and stylish. The most popular designs are the 2-way tops, the 2-way dresses, the waistcoat bag and the pocket scarves. Due to the versatility of the clothing, Sleek + Proud belongs to sustainable fashion.

Sleek + Proud creations are a

blend of shape, feeling and sewing techniques

Style is not a display of wealth

But an Expression of Imagination